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HinduLekh is an online information portal for the knowledge of Hinduism and its Philosophy, Values, and Nature. Serving the cause to satisfy the urge of appetite for the knowledge of Hindu Mythology, Traditions, Rituals, Customs, Beliefs, and Methods of Worship.

Our Philosophy

India is a sacred land of Cultural Values, Religious Traditions and Social Fests which is being demonstrated in our daily life. Indians celebrate Life and Fests with the utmost energy, enthusiasm, and joy. We follow our set of customs all over through the lineage of our dynasties and families across all the societies and states.
India is land of colors, lights, emotions, values, cultures, and of course, there is a binding amongst all of us besides all the odds of life.

Our Approach

HinduLekh is ecstatic in a maneuver to bring all the possible myths, stories and their connectivity to our lives. These stories and content will not only engage us as well as increase a deep understanding of Hindu Culture in India.

Our Story

HinduLekh is beginning its journey towards enlightenment and ultimate knowledge of civilization. By connecting the dots of ignorance and urge to know the unknown what our ancestors have left for us to lead our life in a happy and joyful manner.

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HinduLekh team is deeply engaged in bringing you the unknown facts and making aware about the information pertaining to Hindu Mythology.

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