The Purpose of Lighting a Lamp (Diya)

First of all, people light up the Diya (lamp) in pooja, then aarti of their adorable deity and finally aarti from Kapoor. As, there is a balanced flame and there is no fire, so as similarly, man should be balanced like a lamp. Man adopts simplicity, gentleness, purity, truthfulness, and softness in his life, so he becomes like a lighted lamp of puja and aarti. People pay homage to the flame of aarti in such pujas and religious ceremonies and the fire is head-on, so such a person is revered and respected everywhere from the family to the neighbourhood.

All these qualities were there in the Maryadapurushottam Lord Shri Ramji. His whole personality was a light-spreading one. On the Diwali festival, balanced burning lamps teach them the morality and positivity. The lines of lamps seem attractive to look at, while anger, violence, jealousy, jealousy, narrowness, etc., are like a fiery fire that is destructive.

This kind of fire causes loss of wealth and, like others, burns their own house, so this kind of impious and negative person suffers his first loss. This kind of person is not only seen by people from the point of view of hey, but also called demons. Ravana was killed because of these misconducts. Comparing Shri Ram and Ravana, Tulsidas Ji wrote: “Rawan Rathi, Virath Raghuvira.”

Shri Ram Ji is on foot without a chariot, whereas Ravana had all the ash-arms and chariots, but he was defeated. Lord Ram Ji has a calm and balanced mind like Deepak, whereas Ravana had a flame of anger and arrogance.

The flame of the lamp teaches us that we should be calm and balanced. The flame of the lamp gives positive energy, the flame of the lamp also purifies the environment. While lighting a lamp, it is our aim to keep the mind calm, to keep the surroundings and the atmosphere of the house calm and clean. Everyone gets positive energy. When we light the lamp, our mind calms down and we become patient, we have purification of our minds.

Therefore, man should give his personality the way he is made, which also brings his own interest and public interest. It also purifies the environment that burns on Diwali as well as teaches positive energy and unity.


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