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Why do we light a Yum-Deepak on Dhanteras? The Secret behind it. Let know the Interesting Story!
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Puran Katha: Yam Deepak

In most parts of the country, Deep-Daan is a tradition in the name of ‘Yam’. Two days before Diwali, devotees take a clay lamp in the evening of Dhanwantari-Triodashi. Add sesame oil to it and keep a new cotton light and then light it, facing towards the south and dedicate it to Yama, the God of Death. Then place it on a pile of grain next to the door. The effort is to keep it burning overnight, not extinguished. Why light this lamp? What is its secret? An interesting and beautiful mythological story is found in this regard.

According to those stories, there was a majestic king called Hansraj long ago. Once he went hunting in the jungle with his friends, soldiers, and bodyguards. Incidentally, the king was left alone and wandered into the kingdom of another king Hemraj.

Hemraj gave a grand welcome to the tired Hansraj. The son was born to Hemraj that night. On this joy, Hemraj stopped Hansraj for a few days with the urge to attend the state festival. A strange incident took place on the sixth day of the child. The goddess appeared at the time of the pooja and said, “Today, the happiness of this baby, which is being celebrated, will last till the fourth day of his marriage as he would die that day.” This prophecy brought grief to the whole kingdom. Hemraj and his family were in a state of shock. Everyone was stunned.
During this mourning, Hansraj consoled King Hemraj and his family – friend, don’t you bother at all. I will protect this child. No power in the world will be able to harm him. Hansraj built an underground fort on the banks of the Yamuna and arranged for the prince to be brought up inside. In addition to protecting the life of the prince, Hansraj had arranged a number of tantric rituals, yagya (Vedic rituals), chanting, etc. from the well-qualified Brahmins. Gradually, the prince became young. The discussion of her beauty and vigor spread everywhere. Hemraj also married the prince at the behest of King Hansraj. The princess from whom the prince was married seemed to be Sakshat Lakshmi. No one had seen such a beautiful bride-to-be in life.

Law of Providence… On the fourth day of the marriage, the envoys of Yama came to kill the prince. It was only the post-wedding function that was going on in the State. The royal family and the people were ecstatic to celebrate. Seeing the image of the prince and the princess, the Yamdoots were also upset, but they had to do an unpleasant task of taking the prince’s life. At the time when the Yamdoot took the life of the prince, there was a hue and cry and a scene that made the messengers cry themselves.

Shortly after the incident, Yamaraj asked his messengers in a happy pose- messengers! Have you been killing the living beings of the earth since time immemorial, have you ever felt mercy on an organism and raised the idea that it should be spared?
The messengers of Yum began to look at each other…. Yamaraj encouraged him to feel his inhibition – don’t hesitate, if such an incident had come, tell him fearlessly.
An envoy bowed his head and pleaded, “God of Death, there are very few events, but there has been an incident that still commemorates me.” The envoy heard the incident of the death of Hemraj’s son. Yamaraj was also disturbed by this tragic incident. Aiming at it, the messenger said, “Nath! Is there no way to get rid of such a premature death?

On this, Yamaraj said, “Life and death are the irrevocable laws of creation and cannot be changed, but on the eve of Dhanteras, by fasting all day and bathing in the Yamuna and worshipping Dhanwantari and Yama can prevent premature death.” Even if this is not possible, a lamp named Yum should be ignited at the entrance of the house during the evening. This can lead to life without untimely death and free of diseases.
Since then, there is a tradition of lighting Yum Deepak at the entrance and worship of Dhanwantari on the day of Dhanteras.
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